You Look Like a Giraffe :)

So I have a friend that early on in our friendship he greeted me one day with “you look like a giraffe”, and I wasn’t even wearing this dress. lol So when I saw this dress I had to get it for his comment but also mainly because giraffes are my favorite animal. I bought this maxi dress on sale at H&M over the summer. (This dress is about a size or two bigger than what i would normally purchase from H&M) I love how the dress is higher in the front than in the back, being tall maxi dresses are not always your friend. Anyways I spent some time out at my dads house and wanted something easy to throw on. I decided to layer to of my favorite DIY necklaces and keep the rest of my jewelry in the same tone. 
Dress | H&M
Sweater | Zara
Heels | Fioni
Belt | Asos
Bag | Thrifted
Thin Cuff Bracelets | Bag Tazo
Coin bracelet | Vintage
Bracelet with Stones | Boutique
Necklaces | DIY
Earrings | Slauson Super Mall