Why I'm Still Single

Last night I got asked, “Why don’t you ever have a man?” And honestly there’s no simple answer to that other than, “I’m waiting on God’s best.” He isn’t perfect he’s just perfect for me. I made a pact with God after my last relationship and said “I don’t want to date until the one you have for me is revealed.” Needless to say I didn’t think that I’d be still #LivingSingle 5 years later. On this journey of waiting and working I have realized a few things.

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I want to honor God in my next relationship so my nakedness is for Him and my husband. I’ve been celibate since my last relationship and it’s actually made things so much easier. I don’t stay involved with men I really have no business dating. I don’t fall as quickly or as hard, even though I’ve had a crush on this guy at church for the LONGEST time. Anyways, it helps me to keep a clear head of discernment when something really isn’t meant to be.

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Seek God first. Mainly the dates I’ve gone on because they were not with who God chose so they just didn’t align with where God is sending me. In the past few years I’ve gone out prob less than 10 times, mostly first dates. No matter how the date went boring, ok or I had a great time I always prayed “God if he is not the one please remove him.” And poof he was gone. I would initially do my whole “really God?” dance and plead their case but ultimately it was a no.

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My husband is not on the dating apps. God has told me several times my husband isn’t online, that’s not where I’m going to meet him anyways. That’s not to say no ones husband is online, my friend met her husband online, they had a godly relationship and have a baby on the way. God has just told me my husband isn’t on the dating apps. Not saying I haven’t tried, I have, and each time God has said no. With that being said it means that my in person flirting game needs to go from -45 to at least a 10. FYI I’m quite awkward around guys I like. 

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Trust in God’s timing. As we come onto the 5 year single mark, I’m learning to trust God and not try to help. Me helping is honestly me delaying and messing up what God’s got planned. This year I’ve learned to really be ok in my singleness and not look to be chose every chance I get. He’s preparing me for my future including my family and He doesn’t want me distracted right now and I’m ok with that because God’s good is better than my best.

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