I apologize for the absence, the quick and short of it, I’ve been unmotivated, blank. I’ve just not felt like writing and didn’t know what to write about. I said it before in my Staying Authentic post, I only write what’s on my heart. Nothing’s been on my heart, nothing has motivated me to write a post about it. So with this post, I’m making my return but I’m also forcing myself out of my unmotivation.

Raven Roberts

I never want to force information or come off disingenuine. My main reason for writing is to motivate and inspire, whether it’s through my fashion or something I’ve been through. I’m currently working on creating some content that keeps me motivated and also inspires. It will be hard but the plan is to open up more about my life on my blog and on my Instagram, more sharing and less caring if I look and sound perfect. This is a short post but I want to hear from you. As I work on new content I want to know “What do you want to know?” more fashion tips, dating ups and downs, celibacy, Christianity? Drop a comment and let me know.

Until Next Week!

Photos by David White