Soul Mates

The last few weeks I’ve had several conversations about the concept of soul mates. Some of them have actually gone differently than they have in the past. They actually believe in soul mates. most times I’ve met with “That’s just insane” or “How could you believe there’s only one person out there for you?” for the record I believe in soul mates. So much so that I believe God predestined me to be with one man in heaven and He may or may not have made me from His rib. At this point you may or may not think I’m crazy and I understand that totally but just hear me out.

First a few weeks ago I posted how I’ve been single for the past 5 years after making a pact with God ” To not date until the one He has for me is revealed.” In these years God has blocked, removed etc men that I thought were good to date. He has also told me “Your husband isn’t on the internet.” Meaning apps, websites, etc. Trust me I’ve tried multiple times. Blocked. Blocked. and Blocked. I say this to say, if there wasn’t someone God had in mind for me none of this would happen. If I was meant to date any nice or good guy I believe God wouldn’t have blocked or removed some of the guys who were interested in me. Y’all it’s been hard to pray “If he’s not the one please remove him,” these men have been fine and we had great conversation lol. But sadly they have not been it.

Most times I don’t argue with people or try to get them to also believe in soul mates. I’m a hopeful romantic and I know this. But this tie around I started to think, “we trust God to have a specific path a purpose for our lives but not for a partner to hep with that purpose because we have “freewill”.” Where is this “freewill” thought when it comes to our purpose? If God can put desires and dreams in our heart for a career or passion why can’t He did the same for our husband or wife? I’ve heard what if we “mess if up” or “miss the one.” That’s saying I can mess up God’s plans. Isn’t God bigger than our mistakes or missteps? God aligned Jesus to be a descendant of David, He can lead your path to your special someone.

Whether you believe in soul mates or not at this point that’s between you and God lol. I kid, I kid but seriously I’m not here to make you believe but to hopefully give you a new perspective. May you all find the one for you and have a fun time doing so.

Photographer Denton Taylor

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