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Color… Ism

Raven Roberts Colorism
Light skin,
Brown skin,
Dark skin,
My skin. 

Her words like an echo
Like they were ripples in water
“I’d never have pictures of my niece and nephew if they were dark skin. dark skin. DARK. SKIN.”

She goes on…

“We tease my grandmother for bringing the darkness in our family.”

The darkness? Whose darkness?

The darkness of her grandfather.
His skin forever taunted, forever tainted the lightness, the rightness, the whiteness of their family. 

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As I come up on 5 years of being celibate, don’t know the exact date, I’m reflecting on why I went celibate and the covenant I made with God when I did. First I can’t believe that it’s been 5 years, in a “wow time flies” way and a “bring on the husband Jesus” way lol. I won’t say that it’s easy being celibate but I think God has helped me and protected me a long the way.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24 There are a lot of scriptures that talk about sex being meant for a husband and a wife and I feel that God reveals to us in time through His word and our revelation what is right in His eyes. In the beginning of my last relationship I didn’t think much of premarital sex, I thought like most it was an “outdated” practice. During that relationship God revealed to me that it was not an “outdated” practice and that every word in His book rings true today as it did when it was written. So, I spoke to my then boyfriend and we decided to be celibate. It didn’t quite work because as you can imagine it was hard to be celibate with someone I already had sex with and we were also living together. So I celibacy was very on and off. So once we broke up I decided my next relationship would start off with celibacy. It would be easier to not know what I was missing, not tempt myself to easily fall back into old patterns and old ways. I wanted to honor God in my next relationship by putting Him first and honoring His word.  Continue reading Celibacy

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Going Natural!!!

A few years ago I wrote a blog post on going natural, specialty transitioning. I decided to update that post and make it an e-book, Starter Guide to a Healthy Natural Hair Journey. Here’s the first section of the e-book.


  • Transitioning – This is gradually taking your hair from relaxed to natural by letting your hair grow out and trimming off the relaxed ends until there’s none left. This route will be the main focus of this e-book.
  • Big Chop – cutting off all your relaxed hair at one time. You can cut if off shortly after you decide to go natural or grow your hair to a certain point then cut it. Continue reading Going Natural!!!
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Hearing God’s Voice

I remember the first time I heard God’s voice. It was an answer to a super simple, so simple like “why would God care about this question?” I was frantically searching for my glasses, I don’t wear them in my pictures much but I’m pretty blind without them. So I’m searching high and low for them when I finally sat still and prayed to God to ask them where they were. I heard, in my head, a small still voice say “Robe.” I hardly ever wore my robe and never put my glasses in there and in that moment I realized I had done both. I think sometimes people think God’s voice is this super loud booming almost yelling voice to get our attention. After hearing His voice over the years I can say it’s the exact opposite. God isn’t attention seeking, He’s speaking all the time He’s just waiting for us to be in a position to listen.  Continue reading Hearing God’s Voice