Out in NYC with Flips Headphones

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Right before I left for my Christmas in DC I received a package from FYI PR. The package included a pair of Flips Audio Headphones. I was so excited to try these out, I originally saw them at fashion week in September and thought “How Cool.” The headphones flip out and become speakers. You can turn your party for one into a party for many with the flip of the earpieces. I used them the other night with my friends and we had an impromptu oldies/ back in the day/ reggae dance party.  The headphones do require to be charged up to remain in speaker mode. I charged mine when I first got them and haven’t charged them since. I use them almost everyday but mainly in regular headphone mode. They also come with a 90 day warranty. 
What I love about these headphones is the sound quality is great, I usually have the music on a low to medium volume, as I don’t want to miss my stop off the train. They double as earmuffs. It is so cold and windy here now these have saved my life. As I stated before I have really sensitive ears and that goes for the inside as well. Any cold air that gets in my ears, it’s just super painful. So these protect my ears without being sound proof when I’m not playing music. 
I don’t like the fact that when I take them off sometimes, and my music is still playing, my ear pieces flip out. Now everyone is staring at me like why is she blasting her music. So I wish there was maybe a lock mode for the ear pieces. I thought these would be a problem to wear with my afro but the strap actually pushes my hair back without causing tension. They did take some getting used to as I have really sensitive ears and have never had anything on my ears like this ever, headphones, earmuff, nothing. I would suggest not wearing earrings with them.
All in all I’m really glad I got these. I would have never bought them for myself and now I can’t be without them. Thanks again FYI PR. Do you have these headphones? If so,  how do you like them?
Flips gets a 9 out of 10. 
Videography – Jean Paul Dia | Music – Andrea – Work the Middle

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