Nicka K Lip Favorites

In the last 6 months or so I’ve come across Nicka K cosmetics and I love them. They have a full range of cosmetics but I just want to share a few of my favorite lip products from their line. I love their lip products because they are super pigmented, long lasting and cheap. As a brown girl on a budget, all are a must.


Nicka K Lip Shine

I bought this Lip Shine Lip Gloss and didn’t even realize it was Nicka K until I had already bought a few shades. Mainly because it wasn’t with the rest of the Nicka K cosmetics at the beauty supply I bought it from. This lip gloss comes in an array of colors and they are super pigmented. My favorites have to be the chocolate, red berry and tortoise. The chocolate is a clear bown gloss that actually smells like chocolate, I use it as a gloss for my brown lip sticks. The red berry is a highly pigmented red gloss and a perfect addition to any red lip. I add it if I feel my matte’s are getting too dry, it has more of a creme finish than gloss. The tortoise I don’t even use on my lips, it’s actualy a great highlighter for my cheekbones. I have a few other colors as well and they are equally as pigmented.


Nicka K True Matte

I’ve been on this hunt for great nude lip colors, for me that’s a brown color. I love the True Matte in Cocoa Bean, its a rich shade of brown with a bit of red undertones. It’s not drying or sticky like some other mattes can be. I actually have this in another shade and it has more of a stick consistency when it dries. But this one is great, I usually wear it as is and don’t apply gloss over it. It gives me a rich, even color, which is important as my top lip is darker than my bottom lip. I’d definitely recommend this shade if you’re looking for a brown.


Nicka K Vivid Matte

As I stated previously I’ve been on the hunt for all the brown lip colors lol. So I picked up Maroon in the Vivid Matte Lipstick. If I went by the name alone, I probably would not have picked it up, but this is a true brown and has less red undertones than the True Matte, Cocoa Bean. It has a great finish and it’s not too drying, so depending on the look I want, I may or may not add gloss. It’s lighter than my top lip but is still pigmented enough for full coverage.

These are just a few of my favorite products from Nicka K. Let me know if you check them out and what you think of them.

Until Next Week!


DISCLAIMER: I bought all of the items in this review with my own money and none were gifted by Nicka K or any other company.