Happy Valentine's Day

Raven Roberts Gelato Pique

Happy Valentine’s Day from me, Gelato Pique and American Greetings.

Over the years this has turned into just another day for me as I don’t have a boo/bae to be my Valentine. In recent years I’ve celebrated the day of love with my girls by making it Galentine’s Day. Whether it’s a dinner, movies, a party or a game night, just celebrating and appreciating one another. This Valentine’s Day my plans have changed several times lol, but I will be at New York Fashion Week¬† and in the evening spending time with bae aka work. As most of my work is done in bed anyways, that’s where I’m creating this post now, I’m going to be a bit more festive this year with a matching set from Gelato Pique.

Raven Roberts gelato pique

I’ve always loved a great matching pajama set, it’s the 1950s woman in me. A few months ago I bought my first set and when I was introduced to Gelato Pique I fell in love with their sets as well. They have some many fabric choices, all that feel amazing to touch and wear. I picked this set to help celebrate today and I loved the lightweight fabric. If I lived anywhere else with out a radiator lol I would have picked one of the plush fabrics, feels like wearing a blanket. The have some many sets to choose from to match your lifestyle. I even wore one of their shirt dresses to NYFW, you can see how I rocked it on my Instagram. The possibilities are endless.

American Greetings Raven Roberts

I also love cards, every holiday, birthday or just because I love a good physical card, not a fan of e-cards. One card that I look forward to each year is the one from my dad. He sent it a bit early this year with a note to not open until Valentine’s Day. I’ve been really good and I can’t wait to open it today. This year I was sent a packet of Galentine’s Day cards from American Greetings, I can’t wait to give them to my closest girls. Cards are so much more personal to me so I want to make sure they know I love them and was thinking of them on this special day. They also sent me a few lovey cards but I’ll save for when I have a bae that’s not work lol. How are you celebrating this Valentine’s Day? with bae? with the girls? or a me day? However you celebrate I pray that you have an amazing day filled with love from others and self love.

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P.S. If you are an e-card lover, American Greetings has an array of beautiful e-cards you can send out today.