Happy Birthday Daddy

Dear God,

Thank you for allowing my father to see another year around the sun. Thank you for choosing him to be my earthly father. Thank you for his ability to be hard yet fair, stubborn yet gentle and always wanting the best for his children. Thank you for his ability to never pass judgement and always speak the truth, even if we don’t want to hear it lol. Thank you for giving him so many children to love and steward. He may seem tough on the outside but his heart is as big as the sun.

This year I pray uninterrupted happiness for him. I pray for healing in relationships that have been broken. I pray over his health that he may stay strong and healthy and go to the doctor when necessary, so I don’t have to go back to LA and make a scene lol, didn’t I say he’s a bit stubborn? I pray that every fishing trip he goes on he is blessed with lots of fish and new memories.

I pray that You let him know that I’m ok here in NY, even when he can’t see me. I pray that he knows just how much I love and miss him. I pray that he’s proud of me and knows how far I’ve come from the little girl in these pictures. I pray that our relationship and bond gets stronger.

God, thank You for my father, my dad, my daddy. Thank You for making him a man who can teach me how to cook and change oil. Thank You he’s never had me do the latter lol. I thank You that when I see him I see home. May this be his best year yet!!

I love you immensely, Daddy!!