Going Natural!!!

A few years ago I wrote a blog post on going natural, specialty transitioning. I decided to update that post and make it an e-book, Starter Guide to a Healthy Natural Hair Journey. Here’s the first section of the e-book.


  • Transitioning – This is gradually taking your hair from relaxed to natural by letting your hair grow out and trimming off the relaxed ends until there’s none left. This route will be the main focus of this e-book.
  • Big Chop – cutting off all your relaxed hair at one time. You can cut if off shortly after you decide to go natural or grow your hair to a certain point then cut it.


Don’t set a time to become fully natural. hair grows on average 1⁄2” per month. Look at your hair about 4-6 months into your transition to see where you are. Use this amount of growth as a gage to calculate your growth rate. This should help you determine how much longer it will take you to reach your desired “Big chop” length.


Curl envy happens to almost everyone. Start your journey trying not to see other naturals textures but excited to see your own texture take form. When I was first starting out I would see other naturals of all hair types and think “Oooo I want my hair to look like hers.” I can tell you now my hair looks nothing like any of the naturals I was looking at. I’ve learned to embrace the bigness of my fro and love every curl, as they come in whether wavy, or straight, for what they are and how they contribute to my hair.

Access the full e-book here: http://bit.ly/2qMX7Xs

Photo Credit: Lily Yang

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