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Getting Wiggy with It

A few months ago KRS Hair Group sent me the Knatural Course 16″/18″/20″ Wig from their Knappy Hair Extensions Collection. The first time I wore it, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing but I was in love with it. I styled it with a flat twist out to make it wavy. But as my friend pointed out later I had to leave out some of my own hair. I tried that on Halloween and it was a strong NO. So recently I saw another friend get her bangs cut so I was like I can do that with the wig, Bangs = No Leave Out! I cut the bangs myself and I think it turned out pretty good.

The wig is 100% human hair, the cap has 4 combs on the inside and an elastic clasp in the back. It barely sheds and for me, besides the bangs, it was ready to go out of the package. No other cutting or shaping was needed. It does have some tracks that are cut really short in certain places, so I have to keep an eye on the back of it so the tracks don’t show. I’m not a wig connoisseur but I’m thinking it’s to keep it from being too bulky. It also come with shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in conditioner.

Raven Roberts GWWI

The texture is great because it closely mimics my natural hair texture, straight out of the package is a bit wavy at the roots but the ends are a bit straighter almost as if it were combed and blown out. The first time I wore it, I flat twisted it to create a large wavy texture. For this look I flat ironed the wig on medium heat. I didnt want it to be bone straight, as to keep it looking “natural.” I put a slight bump in the bangs, I like them long and it helps to keep them out of my eyes.

Raven Roberts H&M Zara

My outfit is an oversized Silence + Noise sweatshirt dress that I wore with my new over the knee boots from Zara. I added some black sheer tights and over the knee socks. I’m obsessed with this blue puffer from H&M, it just adds the perfect pop of color to an all black outfit. Kept the black and silver throughout my accessories, as well.

Raven Roberts Full

Coat – H&M | Dress – Silence and Noise (Similar Here: | Boots – Zara (Similar Here: | Bag – Vintage Coach (Similar Here:

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