Foundation Free

It’s 5 am in Grinnell and I’m late like I’m supposed to be there NOW late. I’m finished getting dressed and the dilemma hits, “Do I spend the extra 15 mins to try and put make-up on my face?” The decision was no. At that point I had to decide whether for the next month if sleep or a “flawless” face was more important. For some this is an easy decision, for some leaving the house without make-up on isn’t a big deal. But that first day it really hit me, I don’t  feel beautiful without my make-up on. Sure I can run to the bodega or the laundromat without make-up, but a full 12 hour day? So I took my month in Iowa to break my dependency on foundation and concealer.



Last Year with Foundation


I remember Taren Guy some years back doing a challenge for her and her followers to break the dependency on the thing they couldn’t leave the house without that made them feel beautiful. I did the challenge then and I can’t remember what I gave up, I think it was my eyeliner. But in Iowa I realized I’m back there again. I’ve never been one for a full face beat everyday but I did grow dependent on my mini face beat of foundation, concealer and a good cheek highlight. I’m, like most people, my harshest critic and all I could do was point out every flaw that was on my natural skin. The dark marks, the blemishes, the dark circles, etc. I had to stop looking for flaws and start looking at the beauty.



Lat Week Without Foundation


As the days went by one after another I became less self conscious of people seeing me without my make-up on. Now I still did the brows and had on mascara, but the mini face beat was no longer required. I left Iowa not totally in love with my skin but less worried about how others viewed it. I’m still one for a good brow, mascara, cheek highlight and eyeliner on most days. One day, maybe when the brows are consistently coiffed, I’ll be able to give it all up. Until then, I’ll love the skin I’m in and take each day to love who I am more and more.

What’s one thing that makes you feel beautiful that you can’t leave the house without?

Until Next Week,