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I Thought I was Depressed!

About a year ago I started to feel exhausted, like I would get home and wouldn’t want to do anything, nothing but lay in bed. I had no motivation to do work once I’d been out all day. I would leave the house and 2-3 hours later I’d be so tired and want to go back home. My physical capacity at work changed, I wasn’t able to carry as many garments bags around as I used to. I chalked it at first to getting older. Around the end of summer into the fall I started to think I was depressed. I knew that some of the signs of depression was exhaustion and not being motivated to do anything. It was killing me inside because I’m an entrepreneur and used to working hard, long hours. But I just couldn’t.

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I’m in a Clairol Campaign

Y’all, your girl was in a Clairol, Nice & Easy Campaign. Clairol had 100 women dye their hair with their newly formulated Nice & Easy permanent hair dye. They wanted to test if a new hair color would boost a woman’s confidence. Clairol has also been working on this new formula for years so they wanted the launch to be special, and I think it was just that. Here’s what they found out:

  • 97% checked themselves out more
  • 87% got more compliments
  • 77% gave more compliments
  • 70% said they were ready for anything
  • 85% felt more confident

Now I’m not saying coloring your hair is going to solve all self-confidence issues, but I do see it as putting on make-up, a new lipstick or that outfit you love. When you do the slightest change it gives you a new outlook on yourself. Continue reading I’m in a Clairol Campaign

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I'm in a Commercial!!

I think I’m finally coming down from the shock of the overwhelming amount of responses I got from the commercial. I want to thank everyone for all the comments, shares and overall love. I wanted to share both on my blog for you all to see. God definitely stretched me with this project. I’ve rarely been in front of the camera in this way and I’m excited to see waht other surprises God has in store.

The fact that this brown girl from Long Beach, CA is in two Neutrogena x MTV EMAs commercials is beyond my scope. I know I did the commercials and had the best time doing them, but I’m still amazed that this is me and my voice in these commercials.


I hope you all enjoy the commercials. Have the best day!!
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