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Trusting God in the Waiting

2018 was a lot of trusting God in the waiting. This month marks a year that I’ll have been a full-time entrepreneur in New York. The journey has been stressful, exciting, peaceful, eye-opening, teaching, rewarding and full of waiting. Waiting for checks, jobs and even clothes. God pushed me to trust Him with my finances, which meant stepping out on faith and getting rid of my part-time job. It was scary and relieving all at the same time. Needless to say, I didn’t love my PT job, but it was security… until it wasn’t. I’m not going to lie it’s still hard to wait patiently when there are deadlines looming over my head but there are a few things I’ve learned to do once I’ve realized I need to calm down.

PRAY. Easier said than done when worry overcomes you with no solution in sight. When I’m overwhelmed I pray, I ask friends and family to pray. I pray, sometimes beg well mostly beg God to basically save me. I’ve learned to pray for God’s peace, His timing and for His will to be done. I pray this over and over until peace has overcome me and I’ve stopped worrying and doubting. I contact my prayer warrior for additional prayer. I know that worry and doubt come hand in hand so when I pray I don’t want my doubt or disbelief get in the way. My friends and family cover me so that my peace may come quicker. It’s a lesson that I’m still learning and hope in 2019 that peace and trust come quicker.

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Hearing God’s Voice

I remember the first time I heard God’s voice. It was an answer to a super simple, so simple like “why would God care about this question?” I was frantically searching for my glasses, I don’t wear them in my pictures much but I’m pretty blind without them. So I’m searching high and low for them when I finally sat still and prayed to God to ask them where they were. I heard, in my head, a small still voice say “Robe.” I hardly ever wore my robe and never put my glasses in there and in that moment I realized I had done both. I think sometimes people think God’s voice is this super loud booming almost yelling voice to get our attention. After hearing His voice over the years I can say it’s the exact opposite. God isn’t attention seeking, He’s speaking all the time He’s just waiting for us to be in a position to listen.  Continue reading Hearing God’s Voice

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Soul Mates

The last few weeks I’ve had several conversations about the concept of soul mates. Some of them have actually gone differently than they have in the past. They actually believe in soul mates. most times I’ve met with “That’s just insane” or “How could you believe there’s only one person out there for you?” for the record I believe in soul mates. So much so that I believe God predestined me to be with one man in heaven and He may or may not have made me from His rib. At this point you may or may not think I’m crazy and I understand that totally but just hear me out.

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I’m in a Clairol Campaign

Y’all, your girl was in a Clairol, Nice & Easy Campaign. Clairol had 100 women dye their hair with their newly formulated Nice & Easy permanent hair dye. They wanted to test if a new hair color would boost a woman’s confidence. Clairol has also been working on this new formula for years so they wanted the launch to be special, and I think it was just that. Here’s what they found out:

  • 97% checked themselves out more
  • 87% got more compliments
  • 77% gave more compliments
  • 70% said they were ready for anything
  • 85% felt more confident

Now I’m not saying coloring your hair is going to solve all self-confidence issues, but I do see it as putting on make-up, a new lipstick or that outfit you love. When you do the slightest change it gives you a new outlook on yourself. Continue reading I’m in a Clairol Campaign