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Dear Momma

Happy Birthday!!!

I’m wishing you the happiest birthday from across the country. May this year be a year of unimaginable first’s. May you know on this day and every day how much I love, admire and respect you. So here’s to you, I love you Mom!

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Happy Birthday Mommy!

Dear God,

Thank you for allowing my mother to see another glorious year. I thank You for allowing me to be her daughter. I see why You chose to pair us together in heaven. Thank You for all the circumstances that has shaped my mother into the resilient, loving and confident woman who raised me. Thank You for giving her the capacity and bandwidth to love me unconditionally. Thank You for the wisdom and drive You’ve given her. Her passion for learning and the constant desire for growth has spilled over onto me and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for the strong woman that You shaped me in her womb and blessed me to be her daughter.

I pray this year is one of new adventures of all kinds. I pray for more of You and less fear in her life. I pray this year is one of new beginnings in business. I pray for an outpouring if love from all those who surround her. I pray that this year is filled with unexplained miracles. The kind that can only be attributed to You and Your glory. I pray that her wildest dreams begin to manifest and new dreams begin to form. I ray that her trust in You grows tenfold. I pray for joy, unexplainable, undeniable, overflowing joy from the depths of her spirit. I pray this year that she knows how much I love her, no matter how much I fuss, she knows she’s my favorite lady. I pray she knows she’s a great mom, mommy and mother.

Thank you for the Phenomenal Woman I get to call Mommy!!!


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Dear Brown Girl…

Dear Brown Girl,

Why are you weeping? Your tears of inadequacies are warranted as the world tells you your skin is too dark, your nose is too wide, your lips are too big and your hair is unruly. You cry for the lack of seeing those who look like you in ads, magazines, movies and television. Your tears are valid and necessary but I am here to tell you, you won’t be crying long. Continue reading Dear Brown Girl…

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Happy Birthday Daddy!


Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! May this year be the year you catch the biggest fish you’ve ever caught, laugh more than you did the year before and may you be surrounded by abundant love! On this day I want to thank you for your part in being the woman I am today.

You taught me honesty. No matter the question, your answer has always been honest. You never tried to hide or shield anything from me. Even when I wanted you to say I’m right you can point out when I’m wrong. You’re one to listen first and answer objectively. At any age I could ask you about your life before I was born, aka the one before you became and upstanding citizen lol, and without hesitation you answered truthfully about what you’ve done, how you did, with who and where lol. You’ve always been honest with me and I thank you for that.

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